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                    Dorothea Merkel

The woman who wanted to expand Europe and the power of the central unelected government in Brussels - but who will go down in history as the ONE person who started to break Europe apart.

Jobloss, economic decline, poverty, violence in the streets - The Legacy Of Angela Merkel

Saudi Arabia offers Germany 200 mosques

Looking to buy a new Mercedes Benz "Made in Germany"? Daimler's chairman Dieter Zetsche supports Merkel's open borders.

Dieter Zetsche


New York Times: Merkel needs to go!

Erdogan threatens Russia, Merkel supports Erdogan to avoid another wave of refugees

By forcing open borders in Europe has Angela Merkel enabled some of the terrorists to travel to Paris?

Breaking up the EU, weakening NATO, surrendering western values - all in a days work for 

"Mother Angela of the Middle East"

Merkel's invitees stage mass attacks on German women on New Years Eve and authorties tried to cover it up

Merkel invited a million young men to change history forever Over 500 women are attacked, groped and worse by recent "refugees" Parishitagain.jpg 

Merkel an unofficial spy for the KGB/Stasi? Old allegations posted at

Weakening Europe's defenses - Making ex-KGB Putin smile

Stupid Germans destroying themselves from within...

 Following direct orders from God:
" ...Like Bishop Marx once said...If God gives you a task...there is no waivering no objections need
to just do it"

Angela Merkel in an interview with Germany's state run First Channel ARD in September of 2015

While paying lip-service to Nato all her political post communist life, Merkel has run down German defenses like no other. During a recent military manover anti-air guns on German tanks were simulated with broomsticks.

How long will NATO and the rest of Europe watch her do this to the continent?

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Overextended military forces. If they came home to protect the borders, would they turn on her?

                overextended military forces

Disagreeing with Open Immigration from the Middle East? That could be seen as hate speech, your job, your rental apartment, your kids - they can take it all from you

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Prophecy from the grave:

"We have 50 million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe—without swords, without guns, without conquest—will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades. "
Speech by Muammar_Gaddafi on 10 April 2006, quoted in New York Sun (6 September 2009)


Breaking the European Union and NATO

Weakening the bonds that tied Europe together, one illegal immigrant at a time

East German FDJ Member Angela                         


On September 4, 2015 Angela Merkel changed Europe forever. With just one phone call to Austria's chancellor the borders to central and western Europe were thrown wide open.

She followed up by sending selfies taken with refugees that went viral online. Hundreds of Thousands of migrants safely located in Turkey and other countries started their long march towards western Europe. What had been a problem has become a drama of biblical proportions.

                                Calling the world's poor to Germany  

Hungary in desperation started to set up a fence and do what all souvereign countrys do: Take control of the border. Merkel and her lapdogs from her party the CDU ( yes the C still stands for "Christian") strongly condemned Hungary for that even though it alleviated the stream of refugees just in time before the Munich Oktoberfest.

Austria declared they would send on all refugees & migrants to Germany as long as Germany would keep accepting the buses. And Merkel is keeping the borders open - against the advice and counsel of even her own party.

Consequences for NATO and the European Union:
While many countries view this as a German Problem it isn't any longer
Hundred of thousands of people are sweeping across countries not equipped to handle large crowds of shivering, soon to be freezing and hungry people.

Here is a map showing seperation movements, these countries are already fed up with a central Brussel government AND their own country.

Merkel's migrant stampede will push these regional conflicts over the edge

Critics in Germany and Austria were quickly condemned as Neo-Nazis or right wing foreinophobics. Any of those who dared to speak up on Facebook are subject to the full wrath of the State. 3 year prison terms for those who "threaten" Europe's new unelected head of Immigration Policy: Angela Merkel. Divorced parents are encouraged to take the children from the other parent in case the other parent has posted negative anti-migrant remarks on Facebook. CPS will remove children from anti-migrant homes since they are fostering a climate of hate & negativity.

Germany is taking in 1 to 1.5 M refugees this year plus an estimated 2 - 3M family members for those refugees who will receive asylum, similar numbers are expected for next year.


What will happen to Europe when Germany's public opinion becomes "critical", "right wing" and "unstable". Will Nato support martial law in Germany?