Hero to the LEFT , Traitor to the Far Right

Staunch supporter of Angela Merkel's open border to all policy

Dr. Dieter Zetsche
Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars

Are you considering buying a new Mercedes Benz?

Would you think that your purchase supports the massive influx of migrants into Europe? Possibly aiding the destruction of  centuries of culture, enlightenment, separation of church and state, women's rights and human progress in general?
Creating the basis for the destruction of the EU and NATO as we know them today?

It is not as far fetched as it sounds. Daimler's most prominent executive Dieter Zetsche has openly welcomed the massive immigration to Germany. He calls them possibly the basis for the second German Economic Miracle. Clearly he has more in mind than cheap workers. 

How many low skilled and possibly illiterate middle eastern workers do you need to build a state of the art Mercedes?

20 -25% of Syrian immigrants are illiterate.

“The ancestors of (Google founder) Sergej Brin, (Tesla founder) Elon Musk and (Yahoo founder) Jerry Yang didn’t arrive in America on the Mayflower either,” Mr Zetsche said with a grin.

Makes you think twice about that quality label made in Germany, doesn't it?
Is that mental image of illiterate, but devout muslim immigrants building your next luxury car the image Daimler wants to create in the mind of customers?

It is hard to believe that the eternal optimist Zetsche just says so when he has gone out of his way to support Merkel's open border policy. He is the most prominent German industrial leader to support unchecked immigration. Why? What kind of Europe does he wants to create?

For every 50,000 new refugees arriving in overcrowded shelters, the far right parties gain 1% according to polls. Angela and Dieter's Welcome To Germany slogans will backfire badly - then who will he sell his cars to?